Education is empowering

FutureU is the Middle East's first and only Edtech company focused on democratizing Blockchain Education.

We believe that Web3 and blockchain technologies will revolutionize the Internet as we know it. Being decentralized by design, blockchain technologies offer creators, developers, users a large share of the value that the new Internet will create in the future decades to come. Web3.0 is unlike the Web2.0 Internet of today, where the value is extracted by the Big Tech companies such as Meta, Google, Amazon and others.

Right now, we can see new value being created for artists with NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) and in Financial services with DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Beeple sold an NFT of digital art for $69 Million! Knowledge is power, as Francis Bacon said and it seems also helps creators get paid.

We at FutureU want to educate people so that they can take a  meaningful role in this new internet that is being created. We want to enable our learners to play a part in shaping the future of the Internet and at the same time create careers, new startups and overall bright new opportunities for themselves and the world at large.

Bringing our Mission to Life

We will bring high-quality blockchain education to our learners delivered by industry experts and practitioners. The courses will be delivered online and live so that learners can get their questions answered by industry experts. We will price our offerings in such a way that it is accessible to as many learners as possible. We will offer free courses to students who cannot afford to pay full price and we also want to support and nurture local talent in the UAE and the wider Middle East by giving learners access at an affordable price.

We have started by focusing on courses for the Ethereum blockchain since it has the largest ecosystem of blockchain projects, developers and it is built on technologies that will sustain it for decades to come.

Learners will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the blockchain curriculum by delivering projects that give them and their future employers confidence in their abilities. FutureU will collaborate with Premier institutes to deliver certificates that enable verification of the learner’s skillsets.