Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the course!

    1. Learning Outcome

    2. Tracing the Origin

    3. Blockchain Anatomy

    4. En route to Decentralization

    5. Decentralization Matters

    6. Blockchain as Database

    7. Application Arenas

    1. Guarantee of a Good Life

    2. Road To Guarantee

    3. Art of Cryptography

    4. Cryptography in Blockchain

    5. Hash Traits

    1. Prologue

    2. Merkle Tree: An Intro

    3. Merkle Root in a block

    4. Why Merkle Tree?

    5. Block Factor

    6. How blocks form a chain?

    7. Blockchain Network

    1. Prologue

    2. Keys to interact

    3. The Destination Address

    4. Safeguarding Wallets

    5. Digital Signature: The Trust Layer

    1. Assessment

About this course

  • Instructor Led
  • Convenient Timing
  • Certificate of achievement

What do you get from this course?

  • More detailed than any other equivalent course on the Internet! Access 15+ hours of online sessions with the instructor
  • You are no more trying to understand stuff on your own! Plus, you get access to a community of learners.
  • Our courses are not easy to pass- we want you to do the lessons and take the tests. Students report higher completion rates with us than on sites like Coursera or Simplilearn.
  • Blockchain verifiable Certificate issued by Kerala Blockchain Academy after assessment completion. 
  • The course will run online run on Saturday and Sunday for three weeks. Classes for 3 hours each day.
  • Have you changed your mind after enrolling? You can apply for a refund or move to the next cohort.  Friendly and easy refunds!

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Why should you become a Certified Blockchain Professional?

Blockchain is transforming the Internet as we know it. A lot of companies and startups are looking for leaders who understand this technology of the future to transform their business.

  • The knowledge gap in the Blockchain industry is high, and job trends in Blockchain are increasing day by day.

  • This course gives a good grounding on Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda blockchains

  • This program is designed to be accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of the Internet. It serves as an introductory course of blockchain for professionals to enable them to understand the basic principles, concepts, potential and technologies underlying blockchain.

  • It is your chance to become the go-to professional in your company or startup when it comes to all things Blockchain!


Nikhil Chandran

Mr Nikhil V Chandran is a Research & Development Engineer at Kerala Blockchain Academy and a PhD Research scholar at IIITM-K under Cochin University of Science and Technology. Mr Nikhil has 5+ years of experience teaching in the field of Blockchains. He is currently working as a blockchain trainer at Kerala Blockchain Academy. His areas of expertise include Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology.

Course Pre-requisites

The prerequisite for joining the CBA program is basic computer skills. A great foundation course for any deeper exploration of blockchain as a leader in your organization.

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